Protective Film Tape

Protective Film Tapes are products that provide surface protection in order to avoid scratches and abrasion on vital items. These film tapes are commonly constructed with durable layers of Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane or specially engineered Co-Extruded film mated to an adhesive for application onto a surface.


A protective tape’s film type is a major differentiating factor among the product lines found in the protective film tape market. When these film materials are compared at similar thickness gauges, the aforementioned film materials have unique characteristics and properties such as abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, UV durability, heat durability, confomability and visual transparency which play a major role when determining the correct product to use.


Polyethylene tapes such as 3M 3126C provide a good standard performance offering visual transparency through the film and abrasion resistance at economical price points.


Polyester film tapes like 3M 1614C and 3M 1675C offer superior visual transparency while adding excellent heat and puncture resistance.


Polypropylene tapes feature excellent abrasion resistance along with heat resistance and short term UV resistance.


Co-Extruded tapes are multi-polymer products. Product lines under this category are engineered with custom film materials for specialized tasks. 3M offers multiple families of Co-Extruded tapes such as the UV Blue (3M 2AU23B/UV) and UV Black/White (3M 25X) lines. Both these UV series provide UV resistance for several months and allow for outdoor usage. The Carpet Tape series including products such as 3M 2E79 features a lineup of durable Co-Extruded film tapes designed for optimal conformability over irregular, textured surfaces such as carpets. The “A” series, a premium product line among all 3M Protective Film Tapes features some Co-Extruded entries such as 3M 25A10C intended for maximal abrasion resistance. The “A” series also features excellent conformability and resistance to abrasion, puncturing and heat.


Protective film tape offerings are manufactured at a wide variety of thicknesses. This will affect the amount of protective material placed over a surface. When comparing differing thickness gauges of the same film material, thicker gauges will be more rigid and more resistant to abrasion and damage. Thinner gauges of film will be more conformable to the surface and more economical.


Several factors affect the choosing of the most appropriate protective film tape. For instance properties of the strength and type of adhesive will affect the duration of the bond and compatibility of surfaces. TapeCase has product experts on hand to help guide customers on the complexities of the protective film tape lineup specific to their needs and questions. TapeCase also offers a full range of customization services including but not limited to Perforating, Die-Cutting and Slitting rolls to specified widths to further accommodate the customers’ needs. For more help choosing a correct protective film tape or arranging product customization for your specific application, contact our team of knowledgeable representatives.