How to Choose Tape Liners

Tape liners are removable layers of a tape construction that play an important role of keeping a tape’s adhesive protected and preserved until the time of use. These liners are commonly made of film and paper materials in several varieties in order to accommodate a wide spectrum of industrial needs.


Film liners are made from durable clear films that add tensile strength to a tape suitable for high speed processes like rotary die-cutting.

Clear Polyester (PET)

Polyester liners (PET) are high strength film liners suited for high speed die-cutting and dispensing. (eg. Green Polyester Tape)

Clear High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liners have similar strengths to PET liners allowing for high speed processing and dispensing. (eg. 3M 9172MP)


Paper liners come in different varieties of Densified Kraft and Polycoated Kraft. Densified Kraft liners are made to withstand rotary processing while Polycoated Kraft liners are manufactured to resist moisture and humidity.

Densified Kraft (DK)

Densified Kraft Liners are silicone treated on the adhesive side to cover the tape while die-cutting and are printable on the exposed side. (eg. 3M 927)

Extended Densified Kraft (XL)

Extended Densified Kraft Liners are similar to DK liners but the liner extends beyond the adhesive for easier handling and removal. (eg. 3M 465XL)

Polycoated Kraft (PCK)

Polycoated Kraft Liners are notable for moisture, wrinkling and curling resistance. (eg. 3M 467MP)

Extensible Polycoated Kraft (EK)

Extensible Polycoated Kraft liners build upon the characteristics of the Polycoated Kraft with improved tensile strength to resist tearing. (eg. 3M 950EK)