Adhesive Transfer Tapes in Depth: 468 MP


3M 468 MP is an adhesive transfer tape ideal for bonding metal or plastics with high surface energy. This product is an industry standard and is widely used in the Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive,Electronics, Graphic Attachment and Transportation industries.


3M 468 MP is constructed with 58# Polycoated Kraft, a paper liner that is coated for enhanced resilience to moisture, wrinkling and curling. This liner allows 3M 486 MP the ability for die cutting and high speed processing.


3M 468 MP is constructed with 3M 200MP Acrylic Adhesive. This product requires a dwell time to achieve its maximum bond strength. The product will be initially repositionable immediately after application, but it will achieve a strong bond within minutes of the application and reach its maximum bond over several hours. The cleanliness and temperature of the application surface affect the quality of the bond that this product achieves.


Due to 3M 468MP utilizing an acrylic adhesive care must be taken into the application of the adhesive for an effective bond. The surface should be clean and clear of impurities; prepare application surfaces with the purest possible solvents like 99% ethanol. Maintain atmospheric and surface temperatures at a range between 60°F and 100°F in order to ensure an optimal bond formation.