3M VHB RP Series: The Right Product at the Right Price


3M VHB Tape is a high bonding acrylic foam tape designed to create a superlative bond between two surfaces strong enough to exceed the performance and functionality of traditional mechanical fasteners like screws, rivets and welds. Among 3M’s wide variety of VHB Tapes¬†is an all-around star player in terms of versatility and economic pricing, the 3M VHB RP series. This series can bond several surface varieties such as: composites, glass, metal, painted surfaces, plastics or sealed wood at a comparatively lower price point.

All VHB tapes including the handy RP series represent a contemporary fastening choice with unique advantages over classic fastening options like screws and rivets. First and foremost VHB tapes such as the RP series meet and exceed the strength and durability of rivets and screws allowing for¬†competently strong bonds capable of adhering window glass and vehicle panels. Unlike screws and other fasteners, using VHB tape does not require drilling into materials which: consume time, create waste and introduce strength compromising imperfections and fractures on the material. Instead, VHB tapes chemically adhere surfaces together through an acrylic adhesive mated with a foam carrier. This method saves time, minimizes waste and maintains material integrity by eliminating the process of puncturing material to accommodate screws and rivets. This results in smoother surfaces that are aesthetically cleaner and more aerodynamic. The VHB’s foam carrier also serves as a gasket which can absorb impact, seal moisture, conform between irregular surfaces and adapt to material expansion and contraction in extreme hot or cold climate.

In addition, VHB tapes like the RP series allow for several customized form factors through slitting and die cutting processes. These options insure precise fits and create opportunities for unique applications.

The RP Series is a versatile line of 3M VHB tape that comes in a variety of thicknesses (16,25,32,45 and 62 mils) that can capably bond a wide range of surfaces at a cost that is comparatively more affordable than some of 3M’s other VHB offerings. Find out if you can improve your processes and save money with the RP series today. It’s the Right Product at the Right Price.