3M Tape Kits Have Everything You Need

Kits are the quintessential convenience tool. They have everything right where you need it in one simple place! You don’t have to go scrounging around for different parts; it is all right there in front of you! TapeCase Tape Kits are no different. Tape Kits can help you in every facet of everyday life! With each customized tape kit you not only get the technologically advanced 3M tape but adhesives and products to accompany.

3M Tape Kits can help with boating and transportation safety including tools to help increase visibility and bundle gear. Our 3m Safety Tape Kit includes items that will help prevent slips and falls, organize equipment in the garage as well as tend to much more imperative matters such as hanging fire extinguishers and identifying electrical boxes.  All things we may overlook on an everyday basis but vital in a dangerous situation.

However our tape kits aren’t just used for safety they can also make home renovations simple and quick. Use a TapeCase Tape Kit for your next woodworking project or in home renovation! Secure your area rugs and upgrade your home with our standard Home Tape Kit. The College Dorm Kit is the perfect size for students heading to college with simple easy instructions on how to vamp up that dorm room, organize your space and help with school projects. Make a perfect start to the new semester! With step by step directions it really is a simple solution.

Your imagination can run wild with the 3M Art Tape Kit. Art Tape Kits can truly bring out your inner artist including custom supplies to add that extra touch of creativity. Add your own personal style to any type of job with a 3M Tape Kit!