2480S: The Ultimate Edge Masking Tape

The 3M line of iconic Blue Painter’s Tapes including ScotchBlue™ 2090 and ScotchBlue™ 2080 has been long renowned for its durability, dependability, clean removal and sharp paint lines. Unwilling to let its masking tape lineup stagnate, 3M added its Ultimate Paint Edge series in recent years which includes the green colored 2480S masking tape that delivers comparable performance to  ScotchBlue™ 2090 and ScotchBlue™ 2080 at a significantly lower price point.

ScotchBlue™ 2090 is a crepe tape with a medium strength acrylic adhesive more specialized for extra durability and adhesion. This tape should be used with latex paints that are not ketone-based and will withstand up to 14 days in sun exposure while still allowing for residue free removal. ScotchBlue™ 2080 is a flatback tape with a comparatively lower strength acrylic adhesive to 2090 but allows for a longer period of 60 days in sun while still allowing clean removal. 2080 can be used with both solvent and latex paints that are not ketone-based.

The green colored 2480S arrives as a flatback tape with a low strength acrylic adhesive in the the vein of ScotchBlue™ 2080. Consequently 2480S retains much of the adhesion and durability experienced with 2080 and matches the 60 day window for clean removal in sunlight.  2480S also adds the ability to mask latex and solvent paint including those that are ketone-based.

Consider 2480S for your next masking project. This new offering will provide several attributes found in ScotchBlue™ 2090 or ScotchBlue™ 2080 at nearly half the price. Check to see if 2480S will accommodate your needs and start saving today!

Have a Pain Free Winter with Anti-Slip Tape

Every winter in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, we have to deal with the bitter cold and buckets of snow. This can cause issues for many people when it comes to gaining grip while walking around. Many people take some nasty spills that can leave them injured or unconscious in the freezing cold. You can save someone some real pain by using the Anti-Slip Tape. This tape is designed to give you greater traction wherever and whenever you need it most.

Non-Skid Safety Tape is the ideal item for those who own a restaurant and need some extra friction indoors when it gets wet out or the elderly home owner who wants that extra reassurance that they won’t be stranded and unnoticed after an injurious fall when they are on their own. This tape can be used both indoors and outdoors for all of your slip prevention needs.

Non-Skid Safety Tape is also a great item to have inside of a warehouse for extra footing when it comes to loading and unloading trucks daily. Your employees will feel much more comfortable and confident when it comes to doing their jobs. Remember to maintain and replace your existing non-skid surfaces and keep up with OSHA standards. Be sure to browse our full Non-Skid Safety product line featuring quality brands like 3M.

Make Good Use of Your Reflective Tape!

When it comes to the benefits of reflective tape, they seem to be endless. Reflective tape is a much needed item in both the engineering field as well as industrial manufacturing. These tapes are used to differentiate different machines and products, and they come in any color and size to accommodate for what you are using it for.

Reflective tape can be used to make plowing in the winter easier. Attaching reflective tape to wooden poles that span your driveway is an ideal way for the snow plower to be able to see your edges. This will alleviate all of your uprooted grass come spring time. The tape can also be placed on trees for easy navigation for your guests. It makes the entrance way to your home much more visible.

These tapes can also be used for road construction signs. 3M Reflective Tape is made to withstand any sort of heat, cold, and weather you can throw at it. These reflective tapes are bright enough to be used on major road ways and intersections. This is ideal for when a sign needs to be changed quickly, and a physical one is not available.

If you are interested in getting some reflective tape for your own uses, then please head over to the www.tapecase.com website to search for all your needs.

Glow in the Dark Tape

With today’s new technology and manufacturing processes, there are a variety of new types of tape. TapeCase now offers several types of glow in the dark tapes for both commercial and recreational use. This revolutionary tape has many uses in a commercial setting. In the event of an emergency when there is a black out or smoke, the glow in the dark tape illuminates to provide a safe evacuation path.

This tape can easily be applied to a variety of surfaces from walls and door frames to stairs and baseboards. The tape works by absorbing energy from fluorescent light. We also carry 3M Glow in the Dark Tape, which glows up to three times brighter than all other types of glow in the dark tape. At TapeCase, we can create custom glow in the dark shapes, such as tape arrows which can be placed pointing towards the direction of an exit for times of emergency. Be sure that your office is equipped in case of an emergency by illuminating your evacuation paths.

TapeCase is your source for not only glow in the dark tape, but all the 3M tape you might need.

Aluminum Foil Tape 425

TapeCase is proud to be partnered with 3M – one of the world’s foremost providers of adhesive products. We believe in the products 3M delivers. They are creative and practical and will ultimately make a difference.

We’d like to highlight 3M’s latest development in aluminum foil tape. The 425 model is a thermally conductive, moisture and solvent resistant, heat and light reflective tape, which also resists fire and outdoor weathering. 3M 425 is typically used in the HVAC industry for conducting, shielding and sealing. This shiny, silver, dead-soft aluminum foil tape is made with a transparent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, so you can be sure it will stay put wherever you put it. Other features and benefits of the 3M Aluminum Foil Tape 425 include:

  • High thermal conductivity to maximize heating and cooling efficiency
  • High heat reflectivity to protect temperature-sensitive materials against heat damage and hot spots
  • Part protection from flame damage
  • Dust and moisture protection
  • UV degradation resistance for long-term performance

To purchase 3M Aluminum Foil Tape 425 or to see more of our product offerings, browse through our 3M inventory.

3M Tape Kits Have Everything You Need

Kits are the quintessential convenience tool. They have everything right where you need it in one simple place! You don’t have to go scrounging around for different parts; it is all right there in front of you! TapeCase Tape Kits are no different. Tape Kits can help you in every facet of everyday life! With each customized tape kit you not only get the technologically advanced 3M tape but adhesives and products to accompany.

3M Tape Kits can help with boating and transportation safety including tools to help increase visibility and bundle gear. Our 3m Safety Tape Kit includes items that will help prevent slips and falls, organize equipment in the garage as well as tend to much more imperative matters such as hanging fire extinguishers and identifying electrical boxes.  All things we may overlook on an everyday basis but vital in a dangerous situation.

However our tape kits aren’t just used for safety they can also make home renovations simple and quick. Use a TapeCase Tape Kit for your next woodworking project or in home renovation! Secure your area rugs and upgrade your home with our standard Home Tape Kit. The College Dorm Kit is the perfect size for students heading to college with simple easy instructions on how to vamp up that dorm room, organize your space and help with school projects. Make a perfect start to the new semester! With step by step directions it really is a simple solution.

Your imagination can run wild with the 3M Art Tape Kit. Art Tape Kits can truly bring out your inner artist including custom supplies to add that extra touch of creativity. Add your own personal style to any type of job with a 3M Tape Kit!

3M Maintenance Tapes

3M has a wide variety of 3M maintenance tapes to solve your tape and adhesive needs. As a preferred 3M distributor, TapeCase offers quality products at affordable rates. With a large inventory you can be sure to find the tape that you need for your next project or repair.

Our maintenance tapes can be used in plenty of different industries including: automotive, aerospace, construction and more. When you use 3M tape for your repair, you can feel confident it will last. So the next time you need tape for a repair, go with the 3M brand.


Shop for the specific type of maintenance tape needed for your repair:

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The Premier 3M Distributor

When it comes to 3M related products, TapeCase is your premier dealer. We have been dealing tape related products since 1972. If TapeCase has learned anything in the last 30 years, it is that being a 3M dealer is beneficial. These products are the highest quality available at the best price. 3M is a comprehensive resource for industrial tapes used for: bonding, protecting, masking, enhancing, bundling, shielding, damping, splicing, reinforcing, color coding, case sealing and more.

3M makes products in a variety of categories, such as:

3M Distributors worldwide are lucky to work with a product that sells itself. These items are used worldwide in almost every application you can think of. These products help build and deliver all the items you use every day. Tapecase is proud to be partners with such a prestigious company.

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Your Source For 3M Tape Supplies

TapeCase brings you all you need from the 3M product line at an affordable price. We have the capability to satisfy your supply needs for tapes, die cuts, adhesives, and more no matter what industry you are in and no matter where you are located. Our shipments will always get there on time so you won’t be left without your supplies. For over 35 years our customers have remained happy with our 3M products and customer services.

Browse our Tapes and Die Cuts to find everything from Double Coated Tapes to Splicing Tapes. If adhesives are what you are in need of, we have a large offering of 3M Adhesives so you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

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