Glow in the Dark Tape

With today’s new technology and manufacturing processes, there are a variety of new types of tape. TapeCase now offers several types of glow in the dark tapes for both commercial and recreational use. This revolutionary tape has many uses in a commercial setting. In the event of an emergency when there is a black out or smoke, the glow in the dark tape illuminates to provide a safe evacuation path.

This tape can easily be applied to a variety of surfaces from walls and door frames to stairs and baseboards. The tape works by absorbing energy from fluorescent light. We also carry 3M Glow in the Dark Tape, which glows up to three times brighter than all other types of glow in the dark tape. At TapeCase, we can create custom glow in the dark shapes, such as tape arrows which can be placed pointing towards the direction of an exit for times of emergency. Be sure that your office is equipped in case of an emergency by illuminating your evacuation paths.

TapeCase is your source for not only glow in the dark tape, but all the 3M tape you might need.

Aluminum Foil Tape 425

TapeCase is proud to be partnered with 3M – one of the world’s foremost providers of adhesive products. We believe in the products 3M delivers. They are creative and practical and will ultimately make a difference.

We’d like to highlight 3M’s latest development in aluminum foil tape. The 425 model is a thermally conductive, moisture and solvent resistant, heat and light reflective tape, which also resists fire and outdoor weathering. 3M 425 is typically used in the HVAC industry for conducting, shielding and sealing. This shiny, silver, dead-soft aluminum foil tape is made with a transparent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, so you can be sure it will stay put wherever you put it. Other features and benefits of the 3M Aluminum Foil Tape 425 include:

  • High thermal conductivity to maximize heating and cooling efficiency
  • High heat reflectivity to protect temperature-sensitive materials against heat damage and hot spots
  • Part protection from flame damage
  • Dust and moisture protection
  • UV degradation resistance for long-term performance

To purchase 3M Aluminum Foil Tape 425 or to see more of our product offerings, browse through our 3M inventory.

3M Maintenance Tapes

3M has a wide variety of 3M maintenance tapes to solve your tape and adhesive needs. As a preferred 3M distributor, TapeCase offers quality products at affordable rates. With a large inventory you can be sure to find the tape that you need for your next project or repair.

Our maintenance tapes can be used in plenty of different industries including: automotive, aerospace, construction and more. When you use 3M tape for your repair, you can feel confident it will last. So the next time you need tape for a repair, go with the 3M brand.


Shop for the specific type of maintenance tape needed for your repair:

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Browse our Tapes and Die Cuts to find everything from Double Coated Tapes to Splicing Tapes. If adhesives are what you are in need of, we have a large offering of 3M Adhesives so you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

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