3M 2480s Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of paint and substances can be used with 3M 2480s?

2480s can be used with latex and solvent paints (both ketone and non ketone based), caulking and sealants.

How long can 3M 2480s be applied to a surface and still be cleanly removed?

60 days (even while exposed to UV rays).


The roll width that I am looking for was not listed. Are there any other roll sizes available?

A master log for 3M 2480s is 57 inches wide, and we can custom slit the log into virtually any width. Contact us for details.

The roll length that I am looking for was not listed. Are there any other lengths available?

The standard length for a roll of 3M 2480s is 60 yards, but shorter custom lengths can be made to order. Contact us for details.

I need the product to come in a custom shape, can 3M 2480s be die cut?

Absolutely, nearly any shape requested and defined can be achieved through one of our conversion processes. Contact us for details.

What core sizes are available?

3M 2480s is available with 1.5 inch plastic cores or 3 inch paper cores.

Are sample rolls available for testing?


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